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    [Alright, while I finally got an idea for a new story while working on A Closer Joy Unknown, this story brings the roleplay character Remy/Rems out of obscurity and into the first new something in over two years. And don't worry, things get good in this story, 'cause there's 4 gals in this Squadron, with Team FAC's General being Mr. Wilson (read on, you'll see what I mean!), and 4 men about to be reborn and join in the wacky scuffle. That and a new Captain being a pain in the butt. All in a war against space pirates. This should be fun.


    ~ Team FAC/ ANGELOS --Misadventure #001 [Chaos Abound] ~

    [The Prelude ~ So Much To Give, Your Time To Live.]

    ~ 'Now girls, we can't risk losing you four to those b*st*rd pirates, you know this.'

    'I know, Mr. Wilson, but still!'

    'Still nothing. Reesa, you being the youngest, you could've been killed!'

    The General of Team FAC [or, the British Intergalactic Brigade], Tony Wilson, sighed in grief looking at the four young women who comprised the ANGELOS Squadron of the Team--Lieutenant Rebecca-Michelle 'Remy/Rems' Thompson, Second Lieutenant Soraiyan 'Sora' Anderson, and Junior Officers Josephine 'Joseph' Howe and Marissa 'Ressa' Andrews. The Squadron had just returned from a little space scuffle against a band of space pirates from the planet Saturn, and were glad enough to make it out alive. Tony meanwhile worried himself loopy about it.

    His particular main concern dwelled in a particular surprise attack, in a sense of divide-and-conquer, which the girls called Decoy Dodgeball: Reesa would pose as a decoy to distract the pirates, while the pirates are unaware that the 3 girls were preparing to surround and attack. Rems would hide behind Reesa, with their space planes' guns locked and loaded. At one side silent would be Sora, with Joseph rounding out the other side. Once the pirates would try to fire at Reesa, she'd dodge the bullets and fly through the pirate cluster of planes, causing the pirates, unaware, to fire onto each other. The girls would then surround the pirates after Reesa arrived at the other side of the firing safely, and then it would become either capture or destroy for the girls, as to whether or not the pirates would surrender or put up a fight--if they weren't destroyed yet--and it was always a signature finishing technique for the ANGELOS Squadron.

    'Mr. Wilson,' Reesa spoke again, 'you never said a negative thing about this move, and we've been at it for about 5 years now!! What gives!?'

    Tony sighed a bit. 'I guess I just don't want to lose my best Squadron to these pirates. You know how important you girls are to the Team.'

    Rems finally glanced at Tony. 'No worries, Tony. I'm always worried for Reesa, but she has the smallest and swiftest of our space planes, let alone in the entire fleet. She's not quite one to lock, load and fire, remember?'

    'And if she can't attack, what else can she do? She's volunteered, every time, for the Decoy Dodgeball' added Sora.

    'Like I said' Tony replied, 'I just don't want to lose my best Squadron. Plus, you girls are going to get some extra help. The Empress back in London has agreed to send out five more planes to your Squadron. I will be one of the new pilots... I just hope my memory of how to pilot one of those blasted things doesn't fail me. And if it does, Joseph, you can retrain me I hope!'

    'You got it, Sir!' came the reply from the Battle Strategist of the Squadron.

    'Rems' Tony said, then looking to the Squadron leader, 'you and the girls should get ready for the four new pilots who'll be arriving in less than a week. Make preparations to see that the men will be alright and comfortable around you crazy lot.'

    The Second Lieutenant interrupted Tony, blinking. 'W-wait up. We're gonna have MEN in the Squadron!?'

    [to be continued in the next post!]
    [part two of the prelude!]

    Tony nodded. 'Yep. You'll like this lot. You'll see.' He then exited the Meeting Room in the Squadron HQ, leaving the girls to debate among themselves in confusion about the four new men joining the Squadron besides him. With a sigh he entered an elevator and was transported to another room, this time lit with candles, and in the room were four glass caskets, three of them with a coffin inside it, and the fourth one with an urn inside.

    On each casket was a name, with the date of birth and a date of death, set in a humble copper plaque which was bolted on the glass. The urn had a small, faded color photo beside it, framed. On the photo was Ian Curtis, the late lead singer for Joy Division. Tony walked around the room, glancing to the urn first, then to the three that followed. The first casket he stopped at had a bass in front of the coffin.

    'Peter' Tony said quietly, touching the glass casket, eyes to the bass. 'Have patience, the bass noise will be alive again.' With that he went to the second casket, on the coffin a guitar. Tony smiled.

    'Bernard' he said, 'in a few days, your sleep will be ended. And all will fall into place again.' With that he went to the last casket, the coffin adorned with a pair of drumsticks.

    'Stephen' he said, 'I'm doubting there'll be a tank for you to drive, but you will tackle a new danger, worse than mice.' With that he went to the casket with the urn and picture.

    'And you, Ian,' he said, 'you will be young Remy's equivalent for these young men.'

    With that he wiped a tear from his eye and exited the Unknown Cemetary, leaving Joy Division to their rest for a few days more. ~
    'Fine Time' I took up a Chapter 1 finally, no?

    [Chapter 1 ~ Heaven Knows It's Got To Be This Time.]*

    (on NOOL the title for the prelude is When Routine Bites Hard, and the story's uncensored. *LOL*)

    ~ 'D*mnit Tony!! Why won't you tell us who are the men joining us!?' Sora grieved as Tony led the Squadron on an unusual 'field trip' to the Royal Space Library onboard the Brigade Headquarters, the space colony known as Neo-Manchester. Reesa watched Sora and Tony go at it verbally, while Rems and Joseph shook their heads. 'Is this what Tony's got us preparing for, Rems?' Joseph asked her Commanding Officer, but Rems just shrugged.

    'I wouldn't know, Joseph' she replied with a sigh. 'Maybe it's gotta do with all the Joy Division I've been listening to.'

    'You're still listening to that sort of noise, Rems!?' the Junior Officer asked, wide-eyed. 'I thought you stopped listening to them when you started listening to New Order!'

    'Did you forget General Wilson's history lessons on Joy Division, New Order, and their many side projects?' the Lieutenant asked, with a smirk.

    'I wasn't there' Joseph retorted. 'I was sick, remember?'

    Rems blinked, looking ahead, and nodded. 'That's right' she said, 'you had the chicken pox.' She then shook her head. 'God you were miserable. We had to stay away from you.'

    The latter sighed. 'I know. Tell me about it. Never again, thank God!' Rems nodded in reply.

    At the Library Tony pulled out the book 'Touching From a Distance' by Deborah Curtis, and sat down with the girls to relive the book. The quartet listened as he read some excerpts from the book, and then he stood up again to lead the girls to the second half of their field trip. The only unlikely tidbit about it was, as they were approaching their destination...

    'Wait a second' Reesa spoke, 'doesn't this transporter lead us to...'

    'The h*ll, Tony!' Sora spoke up again. 'What are you doing!?'

    'And why are we going to the Unknown Cemetary?' added Joseph. But Rems kept silent, turning up her iPod as 'Atmosphere' came on. The Squadron had been told a handful of times before about the Unknown Cemetary, but they had often been told by superior officers not to go there. Tony knew the time was right for the girls to get acquainted with a dear group of friends that meant much to him. It was high time the girls met their equals.

    *to be continued next post*
    *continued from previous post*

    Inside the Cemetary, Reesa got the shivers, Sora glared around unsure of what to expect, and Joseph was curious about the place. But Rems continued to be silent, setting the song 'Ceremony' on repeat, and looked around, her eyes fixed finally on the casket with the urn. Tony glanced at Rems as she walked to it.

    'Rebecca?' Tony asked, brows raised in curiosity. But she didn't respond, as the girls found themselves suddenly fixed to the other caskets. Tony looked around--a strange, celestial-esque feeling coming over the room which was now silent with the exception being Rems' iPod. And what he saw amazed, possibly terrified, him entirely--

    Reesa stood before the casket with the drumsticks, her eyes fixiated at the top of the coffin. Whoever died here was really tall she thought to herself, as she looked at the drumsticks. And he must've rocked the drumset well too. She took a step closer.

    Joseph stood before the casket with the guitar, her curiosity now piqued all the more. She looked at the coffin, wondering to herself, Who is this man that dared to tread cautiously with a guitar? With that she took a step closer.

    Sora stood before the casket with the bass guitar, no longer on edge but rather in a strange calm. Whoa she thought, that's the instrument I play. I have one of those... but I'm not that good on it. Curious now as to who the person resting was, she took a step closer.

    Rems stood before the casket with the urn, her eyes now focused on the picture. Ian she thought, you can't be here.

    ...or are you?

    With a fear that could've confirmed what she felt, she took a step closer, a hand now outstretched to touch the copper plaque on the casket--all while the girls, unknowingly, did the same to the respective caskets. The moment their hands met the copper, a light glowed brightly, and all was in a sudden blinding glare. The quintet shielded their eyes, and after the light subsided four cloaked men were standing behind the girls. Tony's eyes surveyed the area, and realized who the men standing behind the girls were.

    'Girls' he spoke quietly, his voice tinted with fear, 'turn and face the new pilots you will be training...' ~