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    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2007
    If you missed it...

    I just watched it last night, downloaded it as a torrent. It's dead funny!! Anyway, I don't think anyone should miss out on this, so uh, I'll try to sort of start/continue a 'weed' here.

    If you know how to download torrents, here's the link from NOOL:
    Here's a link explaining how weeding works on NOOL:

    So: first few people who e-mail me, I'll send a dvd for free. If you could then make a few copies for the next in line, that would be great. If you can't, no problem. Please don't be shy, I don't mind sending one to the US either. I got loads of stuff this way so for me this is just my turn to share something.
    • CommentAuthorbeachowl
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2007
    Were they all on laughing gas? Did the interviewer have a comedy puppet?

    Something else: if anyone fancies reading David Nolan's "I Swear I Was There" book about the Sex Pistols gig in Manchester, but can't be bothered, the all-seeing Stuart Maconie did a radio doc about it last night. Barney says he and Hooky went out and bought the Palmer-Hughes books of guitar and of bass, and when they got to page 15 went out to find a singer. Great show, although Maconie had me seething with his "without Joy Division, no New Order, no Klaxons, no so-and-so, no such-and-such, no modern dance music as we know it... without the Fall, no so-and-so, etc..." line of causality, which is just momentous-sounding tosh! I'm sure punk empowered loads of people to form bands who wouldn't have otherwise. What gets me is this lazy journalistic trend that'd have us believe that, say, without that Velvet Underground & Nice album four generations of creative kids would have just stared at the telly never thinking to pick up a guitar.

    sorry, rant over! here's the link:
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2007
    Well, Barney certainly was on something, if you see those alcohol blushes, hehe! Shall we say, in good 'spirits', ahum.
    here's a few clips from the doc, mainly Steve (I might do a Barney one later this weekend), if you want to see what I meant by 'funny':face-devil-grin:

    I read that other book, actually!Thanks for the link, have to check that out... you have a point but to be honest, as a fan, I don't mind a bit of mythologising (sp?!) ;)
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2007
    David Nolan also sent a bulletin through myspaz about the doc 'I swear I was there'

    this is it...

    Gee and I thought they'd forgotten all about me....

    To mark the Sex Pistols return to Manchester, ITV have put the 2001 documentary 'I Swear I Was There' online ...

    I'm told a book of the same name is also available!
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2007
    link only works in windows explorer hrmbl (I'll get it to work in firefox somehow, watch me.. ;) )

    guess no one's interested in a dvd, never mind then.. was just an idea:face-plain:
    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! That Steve/Barney interview! hahahaha!!! Fuckin adorable!! And that scrunchy face Barney makes. heh *thud*

    Thanks for putting that up! Totally made my week! :face-devil-grin: Got anymore you could put on youtube?
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2007
    I'll get on it tomorrow ;)