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    I think there is no chance of them all working together again. :face-crying: Peter is just digging a hole for himself and creating more and more resentment. Ugh...I am sick about this! Is it wrong that I want to kick his butt?:face-devil-grin:
    NewWave/NewYork, I don't think you're the only one to want to give him a kick in the bum.
    Statements like these just create more and more resentment towards Peter.
    (I am in no way trying to paint Barney and Steve as 'victims' and Peter as a 'villain', but please, Peter, we get your point already! ):face-crying:
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2007 edited
    (I am in no way trying to paint Barney and Steve as 'victims' and Peter as a 'villain', but please, Peter, we get your point already! )

    Exactly. You can't tell me he doesn't understand now what the effect is of making such comments. So I guess he really, really doesn't want to work with them anymore, because with each of these comments the way back becomes longer, no?

    It all sounds much like he's saying "my way or no way". Ahem, it's a group, mr Hook.
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2007
    At this point, I think he is being an attention-seeking media whore. Okay, so he didn't like how things were going and called it quits. Fine but shut up about it already!
    Yes, it definitely has a "Look at me!" quality to it. I understand that he probably gets asked about New Order everywhere he goes, but he seems to want to antagonize Steve and Barney. He could very easily come up with a simple answer like "I've already said all that I will on that subject" or something similar. Whatever happened between them, he really has gone too far. It's time to be quiet or stop giving interviews.
    • CommentAuthorm21
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2007
    God the man's acting like a spoilt seven year old, so alright he doesn't want to be in the group anymore,fine! slagging off your band mates to anyone with a microphone is quite frankly pathetic. Have some self respect Peter, your now becoming an embarrassment.
    I have respect for Hooky, but he really does need to S.T.F.U. already. End of.
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2007 edited
    sounds like a cue for this vid (sure you've all seen it before ;) )
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2007
    LOL Mari!
    Now Hooky's working with Liam Gallagher. And he says Stephen and Bernard have bad attitudes? That's actually funny. LMAO
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2007
    Ah come on, let's not go hooky bashing just for the sake of it. I'd say it's a good move, would like to hear that one. And them working with Ian Brown:face-smile:
    I'm just venting...I'm still pretty angry about his comments about Stephen and Barney. I think it's in poor taste to talk about them the way he does to the press. I'm not going to be able to forgive him if he doesn't stop.
    I'm not particularly bashing Hooky as a whole, but I would say that I'm bashing his 'comments'.
    Not necessarily Hooky himself. I don't hate Hooky.
    But I feel a bit sad about the band ending this way. Still, I would support whatever side projects they intend to do.
    I just wish Hooky could keep his mouth shut, and work on Freebass or whatever he's trying to do. Comments about Bernard and Steve in such manner would be unnecessary in that case.
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2007
    I wondered about that bit too. I guess he's pretty embarressed about all his rantings.. As I've mentioned before once you hit that enter button ....

    I love Peter Hook but he does seem to need to be a 'celebrity' what I mean is he still loves being a 'pop star'. When I met him ( I may have mentioned this before, only about a billion times though! ) he had sunglasses on his was November!! LOL:face-devil-grin:
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2007
    That last part sounds promising to me too. I'll get my hopes up!
    Dunno, they are getting up there in age. I agree, it would be a shame to end things like that, you would think that he would have learned something after Ian took his own life, that you never know if the moments you spend with someone could be your last with them.
    well said and true, waters_fan.
    In recent blog posts, Hooky has expressed sadness about not being able to share what they all accomplished together. I think he realizes that it is of his own doing as well. But he also repeats that they will not be working together again. He said that they are getting on "like a house on fire", whatever that means. I wish that they could be together now, especially with the movie putting so much focus on Joy Division. I think you are so right, waters_fan.