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    *pic taken from The Wombats official forum.

    Edit: I've just noticed that this pic has been taken exactly 30 years after Joy Division first ever gig as Joy Division.Weird.
    god, LMAO!!! looks like hooky needs a chiropractor.
    They were trashing Hooky a bit for playing with the Wombats on NOOL. Someone posted a video of it a while back.
    It's a bit harsh bashing Hooky for that. The Wombats is a very awesome group (ok...maybe not your cup of tea, for some of you) and Let's Dance to Joy Division is nothing to do with JD btw...but some people didn't get it yet. And if there would not been JD, no bands like The Wombats, Editors (although they highly claim they haven't been influenced by JD, some songs from their first album sound a tiny bit like JD), Interpol, ... wouldn't be there today.

    Ok...enough with my blablabla...:face-angel:
    I am not familiar with the Wombats, but the way I see it, Hooky loves his music and he loves to play. Isn't it really supposed to be about having fun and having a good time? His music has touched so many people's lives and influenced so many musicians. Even Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers has said that Hooky's his favorite bass player. Can't the guy just go on stage to have a good time? Some are even criticizing Barney for his collaboration with Blank and Jones. I don't know them either (I'm old and sometimes I get into a rut where I don't try new things), but what ever happened to experimenting? Isn't that important too? Expanding you horizons? Not to get all soap-boxy, but I heard an early copy of a new single to be released by Asia (not my cup of tea) and it sounded exactly like the same thing they released in the '80's! Nothing new, nothing original, nothing exciting. I will take more people like Hooky and Barney branching out, embracing young artists and trying new things any day!

    I'm done ranting now too. I just wish some of those people on NOOL would lighten up a bit.
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2008
    I've never heard of this group but I don't think there's anything wrong with Hooky collabing with them.
    I totally agree with you Liz. It was also my ranting day today, lol.
    My best mate interviewed Gordon Moakes, the bassplayer from Bloc Party, last year and she asked him which musician influenced him the most and he said it was Peter Hook. At the gig, we were just in front of him and his bassplaying was very Hookyesque indeed. John Frusciante has been influenced by Bernard. And if I was a drummer in a band, my main influence would be Stephen.:face-angel:
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2008
    I agree with everything you have all said. They enjoy making music and trying new things so what's so bad about that? Nothing!
    This way they are keeping themselves young:face-smile:
    It must keep things exciting for them too. Like a shot of adrenaline in the arm. I always feel bad for musicians who have gotten into a rut or follow a formula. The bottom line for them is just selling records and that shouldn't be all that counts. Fresh ideas and experimenting must give Bernard and Hooky (and Stephen....must not forget him!) such a high!

    You go play with whoever you want boys and have a great time! It's all about music and having fun!:face-smile:
    I hope to see Stephen (and Gillian) working with others bands like they did with NIN. Stephen also needs to work, lol.
    Oh, the remix they did of "God Given" is amazing! I just can't stop listening to it. I agree completely, Genevieve!
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2008
    They're okay just not my type of music.
    Let's say that The Wombats are like sunshines for me. Their music cheers me up during these awful and depressing winter days. I hope they will play in Montreal one of these days. Anyways, there is two girls over here waiting for the guys here, hehe!:face-devil-grin:
    I haven't heard of anything they have done except for the video clip with Hooky. I will have to check them out. I am going to go bankrupt buying all this music! iTunes is very busy in my house. I wish they had a better selection of things, though.
    This is a video that one of my Wombats friend filmed when Hooky played with The Wombats last January.