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    Hello ladies (and I'd imagine some men read this too). I've just joined up after reading a mention of this site in David Nolan's book 'Confusion'. I'm a man (not gay; two babies in fact) with more than a passing interest in Bernard. In fact he's been my hero since, ooh, 1989. I still have the haircut. In Nolan's book, he says that Barneys Angels is more about Sumner's haircuts and clothes than music, which is fine by me. I'm a bit strapped for time at the moment because I'm having my tea soon (that's English for an 'evening meal'), but, if my membership is allowed, I'll like to share with you the clothes I've bought since being a Barney disciple, my nights out with Peter Hook (before I had the little 'uns, I was a men's magazine journalist in Britain - I'm too tired to write these days looking after a two-year-old and 11mth-old) and the two easy chances I had to meet Barney, which I blew through nerves. I will eternally regret not approaching him. I plan to give you a short lecture a few evenings a week. Just to say the site looks great, if girly, and I'd like you to design a T-shirt specifically for men with non-pink colouring. But first - did I tell you that Arthur Baker, who I took to Moscow in 2002 for a weekend, handed me a CD with remixes of Confusion and Blue Monday? No, right. He 'mashed-up' Blue Monday with a Rod Stewart vocal - has anyone come across this before? Anyway, I've got it on CD and on my iTunes, so I'd be happy to supply this if you'll let me be in your gang. I'm at home with the two nippers for veeeery long stretches of time and it can be quite boring, so I'm reaching out for some computer friends. I also have boxes and boxes of New Order pictures in my loft dating from 1989-1993. I worked for music mags here in London for a while. I'm originally from Manchester, hence the Factory adoration. Right, my tea's ready, so I've got to go. Btw, Leyland Atlantean is a vehicle that northern bus operators used in Britain in the 1970s. Ta-ra.
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008
    Well I'm not in charge or anything, just the youngest member here but welcome! I bet you have a lot of great stories to tell.
    Wow, welcome, Leyland! Yes, we do talk about Bernard's haircuts and clothes, but we have some serious conversations as well. :face-smile:
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008 edited
    Welcome, it'll be really pleasant to read your stories, I'm just curious! We love to have boys around here. Be cool... And having Bernard as a hero is not a sign of being gay. It's a sign that you have a great taste in music!
    Wow, how quick were those replies?! So I'm a member then? I think I'll crack open a bottle of red. I see certain names cropping up all the time - New Wave/New York, doctorjoy... do you all keep in touch while at work, cos I suppose in the US it's daylight at the moment and you really ought to be getting on with some work. Right then, I'm off up in the loft tomorrow to find my Barney Box Of Photos. I've quite a lot of old NME cut-outs which I used to Blu-tack to my university dorm walls, but looking at your Gallery section, you have quite a lot of this stuff anyway. Later, I worked at NME as a sub-editor, but now I'm showing off (it was fantastic working there). I'm going to post an interview I did with Johnny Marr when I can find it on my computer - cos he talks quite a lot about Barney, Electronic, Gio-Goi clothing (us northerners ONLY wore Gio-Goi in 1989/1990/1991) and haircuts. I'll bet Bernard looks on this site every single night when he's not yachting. Reading Nolan's book - I didn't realise, even though I'm a huge NO fan, that Bernard had such issues with Rob Gretton, Peter Hook and Gillian Gilbert. Enough - I'm going to watch the telly with the missus before the nippers start waking up demanding dummies (do you call them 'comforters'?) be replaced in wide-open mouths. Do babies ever sleep?
    Welcome aboard here, Atlantean!! Actually, I like the name. Atlantean. *blinks curiously*

    And yes, DEFINITELY post that interview!! Curious eyes would love to view!!
    wow!! welcome!

    another male barney's angel! HAHA

    I think that you mean a pacifier, Leyland. My children loved those when they were little! I am here often because I am a stay-at-home mom. I hope to rejoin the work force but my husband has been travelling a lot for work lately and someone needs to be here to take care of the three kids. The cost of good, reliable childcare is high here where I live and it would cost more than I would earn, sadly.

    I would love to read your stories and hear any music you'd like to share.
    • CommentAuthorlow house
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008
    Oscar Wilde also had 2 kids ( just a joke ).
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008
    We are very happy to have you here, Leyland. We are a nice group. I will definitely see what we can do for making a more masculine t-shirt. I am looking forward to hearing your stories and reading your interviews! You will find that we are curious about anything Barney and none of us are ashamed to admit it either!! How old are your babies?
    • CommentAuthorOjox
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008
    Welcome among us!:face-smile:
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2008
    Ah, but I wouldn't mind some gay guys on the board, actually:face-devil-grin:
    Welcome, and show us pictures of your haircut, please!
    New Wave/New York - I never in my wildest dreams thought that looking after children at home would be so tiring. First you've got the lack of sleep, then a 12hr stretch with no break. It's like slavery but worse.
    Anyway, what were we talking about - oh aye, Barney. These are the two instances that I nearly met him. The first was at an Arthur Baker party called 'Back To New York', which was held in the Great Eastern Hotel near Liverpool Street in London. Really swanky party. As I'd gotten to know the New Order press lady Jayne pretty well, and had interviewed Hooky previously, I was invited as a special guest to see Barney and Hooky DJing. The Pet Shop Boys were also on the DJ list (Neil Tennant couldn't get the hang of it). I met up with Jayne, who was with Rowetta (singer with Happy Mondays) at a bar nearby and then walked over to the Great Eastern's restaurant. Barney, Hooky and Neil Tennant were sat together eating pasta and drinking wine. To me, that was like seeing God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost all sitting together - and I'm not religious in the slightest. 'You should have a word with Gurnard soon, while it's quiet,' Jayne suggested. She sometimes called Bernard 'Gurnard' - does anyone need an explanation for this? 'Yes, I'll go over in a minute,' I replied. All of a sudden, Hooky and Neil Tennant left, leaving Bernard sitting at the table on his own. 'Now's your chance,' Jayne nudged. And I froze. What do you say to someone who's meant so much to you for years and years? 'Oh, I really like your music'? My heart's racing just thinking about it. 'Got to be now,' I kept saying to myself. And here I was, a man whose job is to pluck questions out of the air, and I couldn't think of a single thing to talk about. So I stood at the bar and counted the seconds. Two minutes passed. Bored, on his own, Barney made off towards the door. Moment gone. I looked into empty space for ages, eyes wide open, mouth probably wide open too. All the NO gigs I'd danced at, all the NO records I'd played at parties, all the time spent taping NO records as a teenager... Still it wasn't a total loss - I was part of his entourage for the evening and Bernard played this superb set. What was great was, just as he was packing up and the next DJ came on the decks, 'Blue Monday' blasted out and the crowd went mental. I palled up with Rowetta for the evening, so at least I was hanging about with somebody famous - and that doesn't happen very often in my life. The second time I almost met Barney was October 2006 at Wembley Arena. Jayne kept sending texts over saying she was helping Gurnard with his wardrobe, and that I should meet up with the band after the show - my VIP ticket was on the front desk. I was on my own cos my mate had a cold and couldn't make it, so I just drunk loads to alleviate the boredom - Maximo Park were onstage, and I just think they're the worst band ever. Must have had six pints. The show was 'alright' - the sound was atrocious and kept bouncing off the back wall but they played two new songs that I liked and haven't heard anything about since. Anyway, a text came over saying, 'Leyland Atlantean, come and find me, I'm with Bernard now.' So I whipped round the VIP area asking people where Jayne and Bernard were, and people would spin round and say, 'Oh, they were here a minute ago.' This went for over an hour until it was time to get my last Tube train home. I sent Jayne a text but there was no reply - apparently the band had gone into the VVIP tent in the VIP area... probably to spike each others' drinks. I was totally, totally gutted because I knew that, with my journalist career winding down for a few years, I'd soon be forgotten about and my chances of meeting Bernard would disappear. I still have visions of writing a Bernard And His Yacht story, so all might not be lost just yet. I'll bet all the Angels have met him. I'd like to hear any stories of actual meetings or near misses... don't you think near-misses are more... New Order-y?

    One last thing - what's the best way to put my Johnny Marr and Hooky interviews onto this site? Just place it in the same box that I'm writing in now? And also, I was thinking this morning, does anyone really want to read rather lengthy interviews from five years ago?

    I liked the Oscar Wilde thing... honest, I'm not gay! Did he really have two kids? I'll bid you good evening from London.
    never met barney.. or hooky, or any of the new order or manc guys, except johnny.... who is one of the sweetest freekin people you could ever meet.

    never met morrissey, either (hahahahha). would be interesting to get him pissed off, though. :face-angel:
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2008 edited
    "...Barney, Hooky and Neil Tennant were sat together eating pasta and drinking wine. To me, that was like seeing God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost all sitting together..."

    Awesome... I can wonder that scene... Meeting Bernard Sumner. My heart would be racing as well. Would you allow me to disagree with you at one little point: I also like Neil Tennant, but to me, Father, the Holy Ghost and Jesus equals Bernard, Hooky and ... Johnny Marr! Are you with me,Chrissy? ; )
    TheResidentMarrFreak, JanaT - Johnny Marr is a very nice person. I met him once - just me and him in a hotel room for an hour, discussing the usual stuff of football (soccer), haircuts and clothes. I'll find the interview on my computer later this week. Only a few bits were used in the published article - it was in Jack in 2003. The magazine closed in 2005. It was the best British mag ever, but hardly sold a copy. How is it, that whenever I want to use the computer, my two-year-old son sits on my knee and my 11mth old starts vomiting on the floor...
    It is probably the same thing that motivates my children to begin arguing or singing when I have a phone call to make. :face-smile:

    I can't wait to read your interview with Johnny!
    Right, the interview's 13,000 words too long for the comments box. At the moment, I haven't got the time to cut it up into bits and post it, but might be able to after the weekend. It is good, though, even if I do say so myself.
    Right, I'm off to bed. I'm enjoying this site, though. I was woken up this morning at 4.45am by my son, and spent the next few hours thinking of all the things I was going to write about on Barneys Angels... as well as contemplating, 'Am I going to smack a baby because he refuses to sleep?' Sleep deprivation is awful. Night, night.
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008
    Gurnard, I love it - how appropriate!!!

    Loving the stories, L.A, looking forward to reading the interview you're going to post.
    I'm with ya, Jana! Lets get an AMEN!!! But Neil still rocks. He can be Mother Mary. haah
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2008 edited
    LOL... I saw "Mary" few days ago on VH1Brasil... He is looking awesome nowadays, in very good shape. Amen to our Holy Family!!!
    *w00t* to that, Jana!!
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2008
    Leyland, if you want to send the interview to me I will put it up. Maybe this calls for a brand new section? :-)
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2008 edited
    Jen, r u online?
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2008
    I am now Jana! :face-smile:
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2008
    Welcome Leyland, I'm also a Northerner and you may be surprised to know that Gio-goi clothing is in loads of shops again, infact my husband bought a jacket last week!:face-smile: Laughed at your near miss stories BTW...
    Hello neworder

    Ah, a northerner... as in northern England, I assume. Yes, I've seen Gio-Goi and have even splashed out and bought a T-shirt and jumper. I barely wear them... I feel that at 36, I might be a bit old for that sort of stuff now. I've also seen pictures of dirty urchin Pete Doherty in Gio-Goi, so I've been put off. I might tear the T-shirt up and use the squares to clean the windows. I noted not long back that New Order were getting freebies from One True Saxon of Nottingham, a label I'd already discovered. Tell your husband to have a look on Another decent northern label is Nicholas Deakins of Leeds - I've seen no pop stars in this. And, of course, I like a bit of Napapijri - and so does Ian Brown. You might also steer your husband in the direction of I've started buying some clobber there too.