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    Maybe it's just me, but I find the Tenth Doctor just... deeeeeeeelicious! ^_^ Really. He's the new proper source of my worthy dreams AND he goes great in that rivalry against our dear John Sin. :face-devil-grin:

    Photographic evidence of said proper rivalry:

    *le sigh*

    OMG. He can sooo lure me with this...

    Oh, I trust you. Belieeeeeve me, David. I know. ;-)

    Mmm. Tasty.

    I love a hawt man in glasses. :face-devil-grin:

    How the Helen of Troy could you NOT give in to that adorable smile? *daydreamy sigh*

    Aww, he's blowing a good-night kiss for us, fellow Angels!! :face-angel:

    And... David, wait. You want me? To go where? And do what now!?

    My best mate SHOULD join this forum NOW!:face-devil-grin:
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2008
    I don't watch the show but he looks great!
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2008
    he's that right combination of cute & slightly nerdy I just LOVE.

    talking about dr who, any other Torchwood fans here?
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2008 edited
    btw, I highly recommend these clips:

    (and the next 4 or 5 ones for the rest of the show!)
    I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed! What?!?:face-devil-grin:
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2008
    I love The Doctor... Sadly, I almost never get to watch the show- bad time for me and the channel doesn't exhibit twice- so I miss it all the the time.:face-sad: He's hawt!!! And how beautiful is the first picture... The Master and The Doctor! WOW!
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2008
    "any other Torchwood fans here"

    Same thing about Torchwood... But I'm a Mr. Barrowman's angel too, Mari!
    I definitely <3 the first pic too. Sin and the Doc. :face-devil-grin: Mrreow!!

    *sigh* He's so dreamy... love the snow...

    Now THAT is one serious stare there, handsome.

    Nice scarf. ;-) Can I borrow it for just a moment...?

    @_@! *kinda, er, speechless*

    The beautiful philosopher... *sigh*

    ...yes Doctor, that's a French Fry. It is edible.

    Aww, even kittens love our Doctor! :face-angel:

    Of course, I also love a Doctor that... well... never mind. *shut.up.sunshine!*
    LOVE these photos.....:face-devil-grin:
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2008
    He's gorgeous in those pics and The Friday Night Project video- thanks, Mari and Jenn

    Btw... "Of course, I also love a Doctor that... well... never mind. *shut.up.sunshine!*"
    Hey. He's hawt enough for me to have my mind wander about... ;-)
    Oooh, Quote of the day from Mr. Tennant, on that Friday Night Project, concerning one of the two regular goofs and talking about Daleks:

    ""If you'd meet them face-to-face I defy you not to tremble a little bit."

    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2008
    He looks like Damon in some of those photos!
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2008 edited
    Jenn, I did wonder about the same of him as I saw the picture! ROLF!
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2008
    "any other Torchwood fans here"

    Same thing about Torchwood... But I'm a Mr. Barrowman's angel too, Mari!


    how about Burn Gorman though! isn't he a cutie? John Barrowman is funny as heck :D
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2008
    how about Burn Gorman though! isn't he a cutie?

    Yep! He iiiiisssssssss!!!!!!!!:face-devil-grin:
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2008
    Sunny Jenn...
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2008
    I <3 a man with some layers on him--makes me wonder what-all's underneath 'em. :face-devil-grin:

    And more layers on the man.

    With the beloved TARDIS, our beloved Doctor. ^_^

    "Eh, say what now...?"

    OMG. @_@!! Double-take. Morrissey anyone??

    "Oh wait, what do you mean the Angels have never seen my jammies before!?"

    Sure the Daleks are pretty intimidating. Have no fear though, Angels--the Doc is always in! ^_^
    Ehm... *BUMP!!* :face-devil-grin:

    *cue innocent grin*

    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2008
    I have to watch Dr. Who now! :face-devil-grin:
    You and me both, dj!
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2008
    • CommentAuthormari
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2008

    hulloooo mr Tenninch!:face-devil-grin:
    YAY!! Doctor Ten[nant] is still around for new season in 2010!! *squee!!* :face-devil-grin:
    • CommentAuthorbilliejo
    • CommentTimeMay 6th 2011
    he mine you here all mine nt urs mine mine mine lolz he is fit as :face-monkey::face-monkey::face-monkey::face-monkey:
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2011
    David Tennant certainly looks nice in glasses. I like a good nerd. ;-)