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    Hooky interview

    It seems like Hooky is doing a lot of work on NO when he is no longer a member of NO. Maybe this is a good sign? He's not working with Bernard, or at least doesn't mention him, but he had to give the go ahead to do all of this work. Freebass seems to have been put on hold until the winter, which is strange because he seemed so gung-ho earlier. Why the shift from being busy working on Freebass to doing all this NO stuff with Stephen? Head scratcher, but good news, I think. Stephen seems to be smoothing things over.

    Maybe there's hope for us yet.:face-angel:

    We should get Hooky a t shirt that says "I don't remember....ask Stephen" LOL (I didn't know half of the stuff Tim asked and wouldn't remember if I were Hooky either. LOL)
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2008
    I saw this too, it's good that Hooky is getting involved in the NO work. I'm looking forward to reading his book.
    • CommentAuthorJanaT
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2008 edited
    Question: "When will NO make do the next live performance?"

    Answer from Hooky: "Dunno. I have to ask Stephen."

    IN MY DREAMS! LOL!:face-angel: