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    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2009

    I love him but is it just me or does he come off a little bitter?
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2009
    yep, just a little...
    Damn, he is pissed. Is he that broke? He keeps complaining about money, and doing things for the money, Noel and Liam r millionairs, n so on..

    God he is upset.
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2009 edited
    I was thinking the same thing, Ginger. How can he not have some money? Maybe he hasn't been wise with it but still. He comes off like he's ready for the poor house while Barney is hanging out on a yacht.

    Margaret is going to come hunt us down if she reads us talking trash about her man! :) We love ya Margaret!
    Ha, so funny. I take it that Margaret is Hooky's Angel.

    It's hard for me to understand how Hooky n Barney were such good friends for so many years. Barney seems to be smart, quiet, n serious about life n everything else, while Hooky is a complete clown who only cares about money, booze, n making fun of everyone else.
    Don't get me wrong i think Hooky is one of the best bass players along with Andy Rourke from the Smiths.
    • CommentAuthorAnnmuin
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2009
    Hooky does sound kinda bitter. He was the one who always sounded so morally superior. Where's his high horse now? Gee, if you can't hang on to the strength of your convictions, don't have them. Maybe he'll realize in the end that breaking up New Order was a mistake because I think Barney will fare far better than he will.
    Well, it's a shame. He should be more greateful for what he have, some would kill for it.

    I think it's a lesson for us all to appriciate what we have. We allways aspire for more in life n when we get there it's never enough.

    Hooky i love u regardless. U guys gave us the best music ever on this earth.:face-angel:
    He had some good points---that New Order and Joy Division didn't sell themselves out commercially etc....but some parts he came across as being in a bad mood---or just being Hooky, maybe?

    I have great respect for him as a musician, and not to mention, I'm penpals with Margaret (Hooky's Angel) but sometimes I wish he'd stop talking about the so-called 'split' and focus more on his future plans for music. As much as the whole split fiasco was disastrous, what would be worse for me is if any of them said they'd stop making music or if any one of them died.
    Barney and Hooky's apparent (on-off? rocky?) friendship remind me of two people who keep fighting with each other and then becoming friends again, only to fall out again afterwards.

    (Bernard didn't sound bitter in that Songbook TV interview/segment, you know?)

    Well, if the two of them can't get along right now, then I think it would be at least good for the fans to get along (to some extent you know, like to respect each other and not slag each other off etc...).
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2009
    Well, if the two of them can't get along right now, then I think it would be at least good for the fans to get along (to some extent you know, like to respect each other and not slag each other off etc...).

    Hmm, been on NOOL lately Eimi?:face-devil-grin:

    it does seem like every chance he gets, Hooky's complaining about the differences between him and Bernard- remember the Glasgow DVD? We get the hint already!:face-smile:
    Sort of been on NOOL lately, I guess.

    I have the Glasgow DVD, and saw there were apparent differences between him and Bernard in the interviews too.
    I always got the impression that Hooky feels that NO never lived up to their potential. I think he wishes they played live more (like the festivals), promoted themselves more, etc. He is more of a media hound when compared to Barney and Stephen. I wonder what Hooky did with all his money....alimony? LOL
    Ur so right about the media thing. I also think that hook is more of a "celebrity" than Barney & Steve. Seems like Barney was escaping the media most of his life & Hooky likes the attention.
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2009
    I agree with you two. Hooky seems to enjoy the media more than Barney and Steve do.
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2009
    Liz, I agree with what you said about Peter Hook wanted more live shows etc. I think he's talked about that before too. I wish they would have toured (America!) more! :)