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    I didn't know where to post my review and the pics I took last Monday so I started a thread dedicated to this brilliant band I fell in love with a month ago: White Lies.

    I tell you, my review is super long. I copied/pasted it from my blog on Myspace as some of you don't use it or aren't among my "friends" on Myspace.


    Oh My God! Where to begin? After having an almost awful day at work (it's not very easy to work where I'm working these days with all the strikes and stuff), I didn't know I was about to live one of the most intense moments of my entire life.

    First of all, this night was a very important one for me on a personal side. It was the first time I was seeing my friend Melanie, my former radio co-host, in ages. It was so good to see her again, my concert buddy and my cosmic twin. As she said when we arrived at the venue, "the two crazy girls from the first row are back". She was right. The craziest girls in town were back. To be honest, she really misses me in the past months. I missed her as well. And it was also the first time I was seeing another good friend of mine, Brice, also a radio co-host. The London Cafe family was back together.

    When I arrived at the metro station around 6:45, Melanie was waiting for me, as she used to do in the past. When she saw me, she waved at me, and all of a sudden, the good memories resurfaced. As soon as I arrived, she told about the fantastic afternoon she had. As an indie radio dj, she often does interviews with indie british artists. A few hours before, she interviewed White Lies' Charles Cave (bassplayer) and Friendly Fires' two Eds (respectively the lead singer and guitarist). She told it in details, we laughed a lot because her stories are always so funny! So we walked to the venue which was about 5 minutes by walk from St.Laurent metro station. We waited under the rain for about 30 minutes with Keven (a bandmember from the indie local band The Authors). Then we entered in the venue.

    To make the story shorter....

    Around 8pm, the support act hit the stage. The Soft Pack, a quartet from California played for about 30 minutes. It was pretty good with a standing drummer (the last time I've seen one was at a Art Brut concert in 2006). Very rock.Very indie. But we couldn't understand a single word of what the lead singer was singing which was a bit annoying. But, it was still very good. The singer made me laugh because he brought this old radio tape/radio (very 80s) on stage and "Sweet Home Alabama" was playing, hehe! Genius! They left the stage. It was time for the band I was waiting for the most: WHITE LIES!

    I just hoped Harry McVeigh, the lead singer, was feeling good because Mel told me he got a sore throat. The roadies were putting the instruments in place must go on! Finally, White Lies hit the stage around 9pm or. They started their set with one of my favourites songs, Farewell to the Fairground, which made me so happy and nuts! Then they continued with To Lose My Life, E.S.T., From The Stars, Place to Hide (another of my favourites), Unfinished Business (My TOP favourite) which Harry enjoyed singing as it was better for his sore throat. After that, they played Fifty On Our Foreheads, The Price Of Love and Death. I loved their performance from A to Z. Harry has been so amazing although is throat problems, did a great job as a lead singer. Jack (drummer) and Charles are also very good musicians! All three are brilliant musicians who play with such a passion, so intensively. I took lots of pics (I put them on my page btw) and at one moment, I swear Harry was looking straight in my camera lense! It was the first time I could have "an eye contact" that way but when I took the pic, he closed his eyes. I won't forget this moment. I was so amazed by White Lies! They have a solid stage presence.
    I discovered this band from London during my holidays a month ago and I quickly fell in love with them, their music. I love this darker side of music as I love happier music as The Wombats, Kaiser Chiefs and...FRIENDLY FIRES!!!


    When White Lies left the stage, I took Harry's setlist! Haha!

    Originally from St.Albans, it was also the first show for Friendly Fires in Montreal. Like the previous band, White Lies, FF is a trio. The band members and roadies installed all the equipment and the show started not long after. They started with the astonishing melody Lovesick then they played (in no particuliar order), Jump in the Pool, In the Hospital, Paris, White Diamonds, Strobe (the perfect moment for me to take some pics), On Board (according to me, it was THE best moment of the concert because everyone was going crazy onstage but also in the crowd), Skeleton Boy, Photobooth (the basslines are so great on this tune) and, finally, Ex Lover featuring Ed MacFarlane on bass, as an encore. I mean, all songs were truly amazing, Ed Gibson, Jack Savidge and Ed MacFarlane are all astonishing musicians and they got a great stage presence. The bassplayer, I don't know his name, is a great musician as well! And a special mention to Ed Mac: He is born to be a dancer! Oh God! The sexy moods this guy could do, *faints* I even shouted: You're so sexy! in the middle of the set.
    That's so true.

    Afterwards, Mel and I, met the whole band (Friendly Fires). Very nice guys. Very funny. They nicely signed our cd sleeves and took pics with each of us. I complimented Ed Mac on his dancing moves, hehe! They rock!

    A few minutes later, Brice, Mel and myself left the venue. We told eachother we will stay in touch. We are good friends and it was good to see eachother after all this time. These friends mean a lot to me!

    When we arrived outside, we looked for White Lies but they were nowhere to be found. Better chance next time! They were probably sleeping tight.

    We then took our respective way to home. Until next concert (The Whip if I'm not attending the Glasvegas concert on Thursday night).

    March 30, 2009, it was one of the biggest and intense nights of my entire life! Officially falling head over heels in love two good bands, White Lies and Friendly Fires but also, being reunited with two of my music "soulmates", Melanie and Brice.

    A night to remember.

    note to White Lies and Friendly Fires: COME BACK IN MONTREAL!

    March 31, 2009


    I edited some of my pics as they are looking quite ghosty (there was some smoke onstage so that's why) and I will edit the other over the weekend if I got time.

    Enjoy ladies, esp. gingerbread!:face-devil-grin:
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2009 edited
    Wow, Genie ur story is fascinating. I'm jealous & happy at the same time, hope i'll get a chance to see WL in the near future. These guys r going to hit it big. Their music is really special.


    thnx for sharing the pics and gossip!!:face-smile:
    Genie u did excellent job with the pics. Harry is wearing white!!!
    I've watched n interview with them & he was asked for his favorite color (black of course), his second favorite (dark blue), both he & Charles said the same thing in unison, it was funny.

    Great weekend Genie.:face-monkey:

    P.S. Please confirm if the guys in Can r hot, like i've mentioned in this forum before.
    Thank you, gingerbread! I will try to upload a video I made when they performed Unfinished Business on Monday. I just need to know the good format to upload my video on Youtube.:face-smile: Anyways, let's say Harry is gorgeous! Hehe!

    I joined their forum today. It's quite "dead" but, I'm sure many people will post there in the weeks to come as the bands' popularity is growing day after day.

    I'm Miss GE over there!

    God I love White Lies! I've never thought I could fall madly in love with this band!:face-angel:
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2009
    Okay, I am listening to them right now for the first time! :face-devil-grin:
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2009
    I'm sure you'll enjoy White Lies, DJ. I love them too! :face-smile:
    To Lose My Life is an intense album! I will be playing Unfinished Business when I will be on London Cafe on the 14th:face-devil-grin:

    Eachtimes I listen to Nothing To Give, I'm about to cry.:face-crying: Harry's voice is at its best in my opinion! They didn't play it on Monday as Harry had a sore throat. But what a pleasure to have him just in front of me! and an eye contact!:face-devil-grin:
    Well that's the beauty of it, playing at small venues, it'll probably gonna end soon as they will become huge. These guys r gonna be huge soon.
    I haven't heard Nothing To Give, that's the only song i couldn't find. I like Harry's voice & he seems like a really sweet & humble guy, in fact all of them, lets hope it will stay like this. I've read somewhere about his sore throat.

    I call it JD resurrection......:face-angel:

    Love MY JD, but WL r getting a special place in my heart as well.:face-monkey:
    Oh! You should buy To Lose My Life (the album) if you didn't already, gingerbread! It's an amazing album, I tell you! :)
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2009 edited
    Genie i downloaded the album last night. I love every song, & i also like the b sides, taxidermy & black song. Unfortunately these songs r not in the album, but i have them in my Youtube favorits.
    *coughs* could you send me the b-sides, if I tell you my email address? *coughs*


    Please don't die gingerbread!:face-devil-grin:

    ps many of the pics have been taken at SXSW in Austin and the others at the NME Shockwaves in England.


    Band pics:

    Lollapalooza 2008 in Chicago:

    Unknown location:

    My favourite pic ever!

    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2009 edited
    Genie great pics, The last pic is so Goth, love it as well!!!
    i will post the B-sides here.
    I'm almost dead, my heart is bleeding, please call 911......
    Harry u r adorable as hell. I love his eyes, hypnotizing. :face-crying:
    I wish i was ur girl.......:face-monkey:
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2009 edited
 This is Love lockdown (Kanye West cover). Taxidermy Black Song :face-smile:
    Cheers for the songs and for the vids. I've already seen their cover for Love Lockdown. I've never heard their original by Kanye but I'm pretty sure their version is better, hehe!

    Last night was my WHITE LIES NIGHT. I mean, I listened to them all evening long while searching for hot pics! Cool! I found many pics on the LastFM page. *drools*

    I'm a cougar, rawr!:face-devil-grin:
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2009
    Lol, on Facebook, Shiny Toy Guns recommended them. And they are very good-looking! ; ). Next time I'm at a cd store I will look for their music.
    You won't regret, DJ! I swear to you! You will love Harry's voice, I'm sure!

    Cool! Good news! next week on London Cafe, Melanie will be presenting the interview she did with Charles (the bassplayer) before their gig in Montreal. And as next week, DJ Genie will be on London Cafe, she will be playing From The Stars.

    yeah I was supposed to play Unfinished Business but I changed my mind this past weekend. :)

    I could have a shout for you, gingerbread ;-) and everyone else! :)
    I haven't heard the Kanye West version as well, I'm not going to cuz i don't care. I know my WL r doing the best cover, probably better than the original.

    I love From The Stars, i love every song in this album. Please shout my name when u play their song. Thnx!!!!!!

    I've looked at some of the WL pictures at flicker, pretty good.
    It's official! I'm addicted to White Lies! I need my WL Fix everyday now!:face-devil-grin:
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2009 edited
    Me 2, i've been listening to my WL playlist everyday since i had downloaded it a week ago. :face-crying:

    Ms. Genie this is 4 u, check out Harrylicious....yummmm:face-crying: this is the rest of the interview online,
    I didn't understand what the old man was saying but still, it was funny!

    Charles, Harry and Jack are so cute! On this video we really see they are really 20!

    So young but so talented! So amazingly talented!

    Why the sad face, gingerbread?:face-sad:

    ps GINGERBREAD! what's your real name? Do you prefer I dedicate From The Stars to gingerbread or to your real name on Tuesday night on London Cafe?:face-angel:
    The sad face cuz i'm jealous of this beautiful chick sitting with Harry & the boys. Harry is so cute i wanna cry...did u see how adorable he looks when he laughs, makes me cry... Did u see Charles' purse, ha, so funny.. I couldn't understand this man either, but they were so cute laughing hysterically..
    p.s. U can say Ginger or Gigi, by the way i saw ur comment in the WL myspace page, I left a comment as well last week i think...
    Yeah the girl...

    Oh yeah! They are so gorgeous when they are laughing! Charles is such a cutie!

    So tomorrow I will dedicate From The Stars to you, Ginger, and to another girl from KC forum.:face-smile:
    Dearest Ginger,

    Please take a BIG breath!

    They are so adorably cute!

    and this week London Cafe will go like this:

    Bonjour Tout le monde/Hello everyone
    Voici la playlist de cette semaine qui marque le retour de DJ Genevieve parmi nous/Here's the weekly playlist with a guest DJ, Genevieve, who's back on the track...

    le retour de l'enfant terrible du rock anglais/the bad guy's return
    Pete Doherty-Salome

    le mix indie rock de PO/PO's indie rock mix
    Franz Ferdinand-The Fallen
    Metric-Help I'm alive
    The Sounds-Tony the Beat

    un peu de pop accrocheuse/some catchy pop
    The Last Shadow Puppets-In my room
    Two Door Cinema Club-Something

    Le record de la semaine/track of the week
    The Black Ghosts-Any way you choose to give it (The Whip remix)

    Entrevue White Lies/White Lies Interview
    From the Stars (one of my songs so I will probably be presenting this one)>>>> dedicate it to Ginger and Donna
    Fifty on our Foreheads

    Classique de la semaine/Classic of the Week
    Suede-My insatiable one

    Demo de la semaine/Demo of the week
    The Yellhounds-The MTV Blues

    DJ Genevieve est de retour/DJ Genevieve is back on the track
    Kaiser Chiefs-Sink that ship>>>>dedicate it to my Chiefettes!
    The Rakes-That's the reason
    Death from Above 1979-Romantic Rights

    un peu d'électro, éclectique rock/some electro eclectic rock
    Kasabian-Vlad the Impaler
    La Roux-In for the Kill

    et pour finir/and last...
    Lady Sovereign-Student Union

    To listen to the show live: 9pm to 10:30pm (Uk time: 2am) on CISM (if you can't listen to it live, I will forward you the link to the podcast, no worries):face-angel:
    Wow, great pics, yuuummmmmmmm....

    The broadcast is in French, i know u guys speak French in Quebec, will the broadcast be in English as well? I will try to tune in.

    Thnx Genie:face-angel:
    Talking about White Lies was very pleasant last night! OMG! I felt as it my heart wanted to get out my chest! I love them so so so much!

    To listen to last night edition of London Cafe:

    What you need to do is to copy/paste this link into your Itunes OR if you want to register to the podcast (the podcasts will automatically download as soon as you will open your Itunes) clik on Itunes Podcast (the red button) or, click on 64 kbps or 128kbps (April 14, 2009).

    I was lurking on Lastfm website and I found this:

    It's White Lies before they became White Lies or if you prefer, Fear Of Flying.

    Their music style at the time was far different of what they are now doing with White Lies.

    I highly prefer White Lies.:face-smile:
    Genie, u amaze me, where do u find all these treasures?

    They look so young, especially Charles and Jack, Harry looks a tiny bit older.
    I think Harry is older...Not sure yet...

    Harry looks like a guy on whom I used to have a crush on this pic, lol.

    Oh I found these treasures while lurking on the internet late at night, hehe!:face-devil-grin:

    I played To Lose My life... while my mom was with me earlier and she likes their music.:face-smile: she even asked me what represent the three towers on the album cover.
    Yea, what r these three towers, never bother to check? Please clarify Ms. Genie:face-angel:

    Ur mom listening to WL very interesting..

    I was listening to the broadcast, part of it, gonna try listen to the rest today. :face-angel:
    I will clarify it, lol.

    A video for your eyes' pleasure:



    I saw the pictures on your profile, gorgeous..... :face-devil-grin:
    Cheers!:face-devil-grin: did you read about my blog about the concert, Ginger? It's just during the concert, I kind of had an eye contact with Harry the Hottie! It's just when I was taking a photo of him, he looked at my lense but, when I took the pic, he closed his eyes. It would have been the best picture!:face-crying:
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2009 edited
    Gonna check it soon!!!!!!!:face-angel:
    Once upon a time, a bored girl who lurked on Youtube and found THIS cute video featuring three cute British young men named Harry, Jack and Charles when they were known as Fear Of Flying.