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    Okay, for those who don't quite have a trite of a clue... oh heck, for those who know me well on Facebook, you already know. For the rest of you Angels, bear with me. I'm sure Jen's probably going, "OMG here we go... LMAO!" <3

    It's official. OMD is my new favorite band. Have been for the past three and a half weeks now. You can thank the boyfriend [new boyfriend. name is joe. grant and i have been split some two years now... but that's a whole other thread] for this one--we both went to go see 'em live three and a half weeks ago and, OMG they. f#%king. rule.

    Anyone else an OMD fan? Testing waters before I go fangirly and talk about the ENTIRE night... lol!
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2011
    I remember reading about you and Joe going to see OMD, Jenn. I like them too. :face-smile:
    • CommentAuthorKrafty
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2011
    Sunny, did they play Joan of Arc? I remember that being a cool song of theirs.:face-smile:
    Apparently when I tried to reply to this on the mobile last time I was on it, it wouldn't let me post. So now that I'm on the laptop, sorry for the delay!!!!!!

    + Alison|OMG it was AWESOME'SAUCE!!! [Yeah, a month and a half since I've seen 'em and I'm STILL gone squee-happy about it. Not everyday that something like that happens!!]

    + Krafty|Oh yes, they played BOTH 'Joan of Arc's... ^.^

    The Setlist - Saturday 17 September 2011|The Beacham|Orlando, Florida, United States

    1] Dazzle Ships
    2] New Babies; New Toys *
    3] Messages
    4] Tesla Girls
    5] Radio Waves
    6] History of Modern [Part 1]
    7] [Forever] Live and Die
    8] If You Leave
    9] Souvenir
    10] Joan of Arc
    11] Joan of Arc: Maid of Orleans [best known simply as 'Maid of Orleans']
    12] Statues
    13] Green *
    14] Talking Loud and Clear
    15] So In Love
    16] Sister Mary Says *
    17] Locomotion
    18] Dreaming
    19] Sailing on the Seven Seas
    20] Enola Gay

    21] Walking on the Milky Way
    22] Secret **
    23] Electricity

    * Tracks from their latest album from September 2010, "History of Modern."
    ** Miami was the tour stop the night before the Orlando show, as well as the first stop in the recently-ended North American round of the History of Modern Tour; that night [the Miami gig] marked the return of "Secret" to a gig set list since the last time they were in America in 1988.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2011
    Jenn, I need to dive into OMD a little more. I have not listened to much of their stuff and I need to. That's what I'll do tomorrow in between classes!